OfBiz Running the sample ecommerce application.

In this article we will describe how in 5 minutes you can have the demo ecommerce application up and running.

Step 1:

Download the latest version of OfBiz. At the time of writing this the latest stable release is 13.07. So from a unix environment, and assuming you have subversion installed, execute the following:
svn co http://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/ofbiz/branches/release13.07/

This will have created a directory called release13.07. Navigate inside this directory.

Step 2:
First we need to load the demo data and start the database. OfBiz does that with a simple command:
ant load-demo (pay attention that if you use a different version than the one I mentioned above the command may be slightly different).

Step 3:
After the load-demo command has finished executing you should start up the bundled tomcat distribution that comes with OfBiz. This is done again with a simple command:
ant start-both . This will start up the server, and load the ecommerce application and also the POS application that comes with OfBiz.

After this you should go to the following url “http://localhost:8080/ecommerce” and see the ecommerce application working properly.

Now if you want to see that the SSL are working properly, the only thing you have to do is to try and visit the webtools application that ofBiz comes with. This application should be located under the url “https://localhost:8443/webtools”. If you are able to visit this, it means that everything work as expected.